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MME Case Summaries

Herniated Disc:

37 year-old Male:
Presenting with Herniated Disks at L-4, L-5, and S-1


  1. Weakness, numbness, and poor foot control in left foot causing stumbling, limping, and foot drop
  2. Patient cannot walk more than mile
  3. Pain in toes and heel too intense to support weight
  4. Consistent aching in lower back and left knee
MME procedure: 144 hours to L-4, L-5, and S-1
  1. 70% return of sensation to the right foot with resulting absence of symptoms
  2. Patient can run for the first time in five years
  3. Full weight of the body can be supported by heel and toe
  4. 100% recovery from the backache and pain in the left knee

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

82 year-old Female
Presenting with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)


  1. Inhaling is difficult and forced, very shallow
  2. Inhaling provokes coughing spells and intense wheezing
  3. Activity or walking requires minimal, slow movement due to inability to breath normally
  4. Fatigue and weakness associated with lack of oxygen to body cells; falls asleep easily if she becomes inactive
MME procedure: 100 hours to lungs.
  1. Inhaling is effortless, deep, with no coughing or choking
  2. Wheezing is non-existent
  3. Capable of jogging on treadmill for of a mile at three M.P.H. with "absolutely no breathing problems"
  4. Increased energy and strength

Parkinson's Disease & Stroke:

75 year-old Male
Presenting with Parkinson's and Stroke


  1. Uncontrollable right arm and hand tremors
  2. Poor finger and wrist control; reduced range of motion
  3. Difficulty swallowing, drooling is apparent
  4. Halting right leg
  5. Weak vision
  6. Hearing and memory loss
  7. Numb feet and forehead
  8. Feeble and painful knees
  9. Head shakes and falls forward
  10. Strives to be heard
MME procedure: 353 hours on the brain
  1. Right arm and hand tremors controlled by 50%
  2. Is capable of turning a screw with screwdriver, can open fingers and grasp objects with some concentration; tying shoes and writing is less challenging
  3. Swallowing is less difficult; drooling has stopped
  4. Is able to stand in one position and lift leg without losing balance, walks with increased energy and erectness, movement and balance improved
  5. Vision has improved by 50%
  6. Hearing and memory have improved 20-50%
  7. 90% of sensory perception has returned
  8. Patient exercises using bicycle and treadmill at the fitness center
  9. Head no longer shakes; "weight has been lifted off his nose" and he can now hold his head erect
  10. Voice is much stronger

Nerve damage

70 year-old Female
Presenting with Right Leg Femoral Nerve Damage


  1. Right leg is weak, numb, and unpredictable; feels like a "heavy log"
  2. Walking with the aid of a walker, slow and difficult, nearly dragging right leg
  3. Torn cartilage, swelling and stiffness of the right knee
  4. Requires the aid of riser seats and arms on chairs to rise from a sitting position
  5. "Trigger knee" (sudden collapse) of right knee
  6. Constant aching, stabbing, pins and needles, soreness in right leg
  7. Unable to climb stairs
  8. Both feet ache most of the time
MME procedure: 140 hours to right femoral nerve plus application of DMSO with minerals 2X daily.
  1. Right leg is more steady and strong; "heavy log" feeling has diminished by "65%"; effortlessly lifts and flexes right leg while standing, unaided
  2. Steps are more confident, very minimal dependence on walker; navigates in her home and at the M.M.E. center without assistance
  3. Minimal stiffness and swelling in right knee
  4. No longer dependant on riser seats or arms of chairs to assist her from a sitting to a standing position
  5. Has had no "trigger knee" surprises; can step over a curb unassisted
  6. "80%" less pain sensitivity in right leg
  7. The patient walked up six stairs with the aid of her son. She walks unassisted to the pool from her condo, which she has not been able to do for over a year.
  8. Patient reports some decrease in the ache in both feet


69 year-old Female:
Presenting with Left Hip Osteoarthritis


  1. Left hip pain, severely limiting exercise and daily routine of climbing stairs, getting in and out of car, difficulty when rising from sitting or lying position
  2. Resulting weight gain
  3. Short, hesitant strides
  4. Unable to rotate left leg and hip without producing pain
MME procedure: 156 hours on left hip
  1. Has joined a fitness center and works out three times a week with 98% pain reduction in left hip
  2. Patient is losing weight
  3. Walking a longer distance with greater mobility
  4. Minimal arthritic symptoms, permitting patient to avoid left hip replacement

Spine and Joint Pain

64 year-old Female
Presenting with Spine and Joint Pain


  1. Patient is in extreme pain as indicated by a limp when walking
  2. Awakened at night by excruciating pain in knees, hips, right leg, and back
  3. Patient has to "pump" right leg when driving, to prevent the pain from becoming unbearable
  4. Low energy level
  5. Continual burning on outside of lower right leg
  6. Great difficulty when rising from a sitting position
MME procedure: 60 hours to sacrum.
  1. Limping is minimal to none
  2. Sleeping without disturbance of pain
  3. Patient drove for two hours with no noticeable discomfort
  4. Gardening and working without the usual fatigue
  5. No burning sensation on outside of lower right leg
  6. Doesn't feel or "look like a cripple" when rising from a sitting position
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