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Will Insurance Pay For MME Therapy And What Is the Cost Of MME Therapy?

At the time the individual is assessed for the MME procedure, an approximate number of hours anticipated to be needed will be quoted. This is a projection and only represents the average number of hours to achieve benefit in individuals previously observed with the same type of problem. The actual number needed may be more or less. This is a research facility and an investigational procedure and all answers are not yet fully defined.

  1. Since MME is an investigational procedure and not approved by the FDA, it is generally not covered by health insurance benefits. However, we provide you with an invoice that can be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement. It should be noted that our physicians are not "preferred" providers for any insurance plan.
  2. Payment is due in advance for all MME therapy up to 100 hours. Payment for additional therapy over 100 hours is due three (3) business days in advance of each additional week in order to reserve the scheduled time.
  3. Medical evaluation of each patient is performed before any MME therapy is begun. Once the initial medical evaluation is complete, you will be presented with an estimate of the amount of "magnet time" the doctor prescribes. The time estimates may vary, based on the individual patient response. MME therapy works best if continued on a daily basis, uninterrupted, until maximum benefit is obtained
  4. Please contact us to discuss your MME therapy costs. AMRI-WA accepts cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Debit Card, Discover, American Express.
  5. MME use is billed in one-hour increments only. Fractional billing is not permitted. This is to encourage patient/caregiver to make optimal use of the magnet time which has been scheduled for you. Charges are made for the time scheduled.
  6. The best assurance of results can occur if the maximum hours of therapy recommended is continued uninterrupted on a daily basis.

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