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Facilities and Policies of the Advanced Magnetic Research Institute of Washington

AMRI-WA is a research facility. Since our patients are frequently here for several days or weeks at a time, we have developed the following policies to ensure that the best care can be given in a professional and effective environment.

AMRI-WA's operating schedule is presently variable based on patient demand. Staff is available in the facility during these hours.

Room Temperature:
Cool room temperatures are required for the proper function of the MME devices. To insure snug and relaxed therapy, please bring your favorite comforter or quilt.

You must provide your own food and drinks. Drinking water is available. Use of a refrigerator for perishable items is also available in the clinic. Food items should be labeled and kept in a bag or containers. Please respect other patients and family members. Use only your own food. Please discard old food. When you leave, make sure you have disposed of all your food.

Patient therapy rooms are furnished with TV and DVD/CD player. You may wish to bring your own books, magazines, music CDs and/or DVDs. We find that entertainment is often helpful to the patient.

The MME therapy facility is furnished with a bathroom and is handicapped equipped.

All patients and caretakers are required to have residential accommodations, if coming from out of town, since AMRI-WA is a research facility. There are several fine hotels within one mile or less.

AMRI-WA does not have laundry facilities for patients, family or visitors.

Telephones and office computers/faxes are for office business and are not available for patient or caregiver use.

Children receiving MME therapy must be accompanied by a parent/caregiver at all times. We suggest you bring entertainment for all children/siblings (toys, music, books, etc.)

AMRI-WA is located between Tacoma and Seattle. We are in close proximity to restaurants, movie theaters, and shopping malls. Nearby is a major indoor mall (Westlake/Southcenter Mall) with department stores, specialties stores, entertainment and restaurants. All shopping, grocery, drug and entertainment is available within two miles or less.

All patients are required to have family/caretakers available with them at all times. AMRI-WA cannot provide caretakers.

Be sure to bring all necessary and prescribed medications or prescriptions from your physicians. Medications cannot be supplied by AMRI-WA. Pharmacies are available nearby.

The airport closest to AMRI-WA is SeaTac International Airport. The distance from the airport to AMRI-WA is approximately 8 miles. Airport shuttles and limousine services are available.

Advanced Magnetic Research Institute of Washington
6839 Fort Dent Way, Suite 107, Tukwila, WA 98188
Phone: 206-209-4249 Fax: 206-812-9989

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