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Basic Function and Theory

Magnets are the key to healing

Fact 1: 4000 years ago the Earth's magnetic field was 5 gauss strong. At present it is only .4 gauss. This is a reduction of 10 times the original amount.

Fact 2: Other than the earth, our only source for magnetic energy is our brains.

Conclusion: It would appear wise to supplement our exposure to an Earth-type magnetic field to regenerate and heal many diseases previously considered irreversible by conventional methods.

  • Supportive research is being done independently by various organizations worldwide. Dr. E. N. Gumiel, chief consultant in biological research to the World Development Organization and Director of the Genesis Project reported that their group found that insects lived five times longer in substantially enhanced magnetic fields and human tissue cells lived up to two and one half times longer.
  • The initial twentieth century awakening call regarding the necessity of the geomagnetic field was discovered when early Russian cosmonauts were found to have up to 80% mineral loss in their bones, brought about by their extended space flights. Artificially generated magnetic fields are now used in space capsules to prevent these losses and assist in maintaining health during space trips.
  • Dr. Valerie Hunt, a former researcher at U.C.L.A., was able to create a geomagnetic-free cubicle in which human subjects were placed with appropriate monitoring devices indicating mental and physical activity and body responses. First, the subjects lost emotional control and would weep in a short period of time. Then they began to lose muscular co-ordination, and in a little more time it began to show effects on the heart muscle, at which time they were removed. So in reality, we could only exist a few hours without the Earth's magnetic field.

If, then, magnetism is so critical to maintain life and longevity, we should learn all we can about it, how it affects our bodies, and why we need more of it. Basic to any further discussion is the fact that the earth was formerly surrounded by a much stronger magnetic field than that which exists today. The U.S. Geological Survey has been recording the Earth's magnetic fields for almost 160 years, and it continues to decline at the rate of five percent per hundred years. The present average measurement is only .4 Gauss (unit of measurement for magnetism). Four thousand years ago it was 4 Gauss, which can be confirmed by several evaluation techniques. It is believed that at the time the dinosaurs roamed the earth, the geomagnetic field could have been as high as 200 Gauss. So keep in mind that life today is existing in a drastically deficient geomagnetic environment.

Science has established beyond all doubt that all living cells are electromagnetic by nature. There are only two natural sources of magnetism available to you: Your Brain and the Earth. The energy generating capacity of the brain comes from the astrocyte cells (80% of total brain cells). These cells produce a pulsed, living, magnetic field for efficiency. The Earth provides a supportive steady-state field from which your body draws on to enhance molecular action. The two magnetic fields work together to accomplish magnetic resonance (happening primarily during restorative hours of sleep) which dramatically enhances the chemical reaction of the body.

When the magnetic field passes through the atoms comprising the molecular structure of the structural cells of the body in the correct direction, it will increase their energy state, which in turn enhances their sharing of electrons. All this increased action is a catalyst to all the chemical reactions in the body.

Most of us have not realized how critical the environmental amount of magnetism from the Earth is to life. And even less known is the fact that the geomagnetic field is so drastically depleted. This depletion undoubtedly explains why people respond so well to magnetism...we are in a deficiency state!

We continue to work towards getting more studies done to provide more scientific understanding of the function and relationship of magnetism and health. It isn't easy, nor is it fast! We invite your participation or suggestions. Co-operation with other futuristic health professionals giving knowledge, time, and effort, will contribute to building a matrix of information for the energy medicine of the future.

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