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How Safe is MME?

An MRI scanner generates a magnetic field of up to 20,000 Gauss, similar to an MME device. The safety of the induction of high strength magnetic fields was well established during toxicity studies performed for the FDA approval of the MRI.

Magnets are the key to healing

So...How Safe is MME Really?

The Magnetic Molecular Energizer is BABY safe and BABY friendly!

Night-time hours are particularly ideal for patient management of small children. Cerebral Palsy is a condition most often observed in children. A sleeping setup can be made for the Mom or Dad right beside the child, with benefit, addressing the concerns of both the child and the parent. MME is safe and beneficial even for infants.

A 7-month old CP infant spent from 20-22 hours/day under the MME for a continuous 5-week period with great benefit, making amazing progress. His parents continue to bring him in about once a year for a follow-up session and his capabilities are nearing normal now.

How Permanent Is The Effect?
In most cases, the effect is permanent. The benefit of the MME procedure further improves during the first month, and often remains at that level after the designated hours on the MME device are finished. Patients often return for additional sessions to obtain greater benefits as their schedule allows.

Important: Please Note! The strong magnetic fields used in the MRI and the MME do preclude their use by individuals with implanted medical devices such as aneurysm clips in the brain, heart pacemakers, and cochlear (inner ear) implants. Also, people with pieces of metal close to an important organ (such as the eye) may not be eligible for the MME procedure. Each individual's circumstances will be carefully evaluated before the person is accepted as a research participant.

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