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Preparing For Your MME therapy

Everyone should take supplements and follow nutritional and fitness guidelines to preserve health and recover from illness. Due to incredibly rapid cell renewal during MME therapy, utilization of nutrients are more accelerated than during normal lifestyle routines.

Our research determines that the following recommendations will aid in the success of your MME therapy. If possible, patients should avail themselves of the following principles in preparation for their MME therapy.

Poor diet is a hinderance to healing!

  • Your food intake should consist of 50%-60% of raw and natural foods.
  • DO NOT overeat! Overeating can kill you!
  • Eat proportionally! One starch and one protein daily, six vegetables and two fruits daily.
  • Eat variety! Vary your vegetables and fruits, your starches and proteins from day to day, and meal to meal.
  • Steam vegetables in stainless steel, low heat, and little or no water.
  • DO NOT combine starches and proteins. Eat one at lunch and one at dinner, complimenting with a variety of raw and steamed vegetables (including plenty of greens). Eat fruits for breakfast and between lunch and dinner.
  • Refrain from eating foods containing any form of sugar. Desserts, baked goods, fast food, processed, canned, frozen, pre-packaged foods or drinks are void of nutrients. Most contain sugar and many include chemical ingredients that are extremely hazardous to your health.
  • Cut out all white flour products and eat only those foods that are made from whole grains. Read the ingredients list. If you cannot identify the ingredient as totally whole, natural and pure, consider the product unfit for human consumption!
  • If you eat meat, eat lean meat, no pork or fat, and bake, broil or roast it.
  • Smoking, alcoholic beverages, and/or social drugs will inhibit the success of your MME therapy. For best results, discontinue use of these items: for one month prior to your MME procedure, for duration of your MME procedure and for six months after your MME procedure.
  • Find an alternative underarm deoderant — most contain aluminum, which has a 50 year half-life.
  • Exercising, deep breathing, and skin brushing are important in-between-therapy principles to further support cell regeneration during the MME healing process.
Please Note:
In addition to the pre-therapy principles above;

The pre-therapy protocol for Parkinson's, MS, or other brain, liver, or cardio problems is as follows:
  • For 3 months immediately prior to your MME procedure, sleep on a 20 gauss Magnetico Sleep Pad on your bed.
  • During the same 3 months, take daily dosages of 500 mg of DMSA and 500 mg of Magnesium-Mallate, alternating 11 days of taking dosages followed by 11 days of not taking dosages, etc.
  • Daily, 12 hours after taking DMSA and Magnesium Mallate, take 1 Nature's Life Zinc Picolinate with copper.
  • The DMSA, Magnesium-Mallate, and Nature's Life Zinc Picolinate with copper are available in our dispensary at 1-888-893-6878.
  • The Magnetico Sleep Pad is available at Magnetico Inc at 1-800-265-1119.
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