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AMRI-Washington Statistics

Patients Experiencing Substantial Improvement
Condition Hours of MME therapy
1.Osteoarthritis in the right hip 88
2.Spinal nerve injury and chronic pain from radiation 200
3.Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) 100
4.Pain in the spine and joints 60
5.Femoral nerve pain, surgical injury 160
6.Osteoarthritis in the left hip 112
7.Cervical disc disease pain 200
8.Parkinson's disease and stroke 353
9.Fractured wrist 40
10.Degenerative disc, back pain 428
11.Trauma and lower back pain; osteoarthritis in both hips 215
12.Herniated disc pain 144
13.Paralysis 460
14.Fibromyalgia, low back pain, neuropathy in both feet 456
15.Feet, ankle neuropathy 110
16.Neck, upper back pain 100
17.Lower back pain with left leg nerve impingement, surgical injury 106
18.Torn right rotator cuff, bulging disks in neck 100
Patients Showing Some Improvement
Condition Hours of MME therapy
19.Osteoarthritis in the right knee 66
20.Osteomalacia (pain from osteoporosis) in the right wrist 10
21.Osteoarthritis in both knees 234
22.Parkinson's disease 350
23.Spinal cord injury, neck pain 228
24.Post-herpetic neuralgia 520
25.Spinal stenosis 281
26.Alzheimer's disease 480
27.Cartilage tear in the right knee 100
28.Intractable hiccups; involuntary aspiration 146
29.Stroke 336
Patients Having No Improvement
Condition Hours of MME therapy
30.Dementia 156
31.Parkinson's disease 298
32.Diabetic neuropathy 142
33.Brain trauma (severe) 1011
34.Macular degeneration (dry) 100
35.Parkinson's disease 239
36.Extreme overall muscular pain 20

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