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MME Testimonials

November 21, 2014

I entered the AMRI to see if it would remove blood clots from my lungs. Before treatment I could not walk up my driveway from the mailbox without stopping ¼ way and catch my breath. I now can walk up the driveway without stopping. That means some of the blood clots have been removed. I still am short of breath on harder activity. Before I started on the AMRI I had oxygen reading 89 to 90 I now have 96 to 97.


May 1, 2014

79 year-old male Post-Radiation Cell and Tissue damage to the prostate

Tahoma Clinic MME is a high quality precise procedure that may provide substantial healing. A talented, caring staff and established protocol enhance the process.

S. C.


Energized and improved from MME concentrated procedure, almost 200 hours in about 10 days. High quality facilities and talented team with effective nutritionals.

S.C. 3/31/16

February 15, 2013

News: The eye treatments for dry macular degeneration are a success. Praise the Lord, I can now read fine print! I am now finished with the 200 hours of MME treatments along with nutrients for the eyes at MME Washington, a part of the Tahoma clinic. I plan to continue with the eye drops and a year of IV therapy (12) for the nutrients that the eyes need and are not assimilated very well by many older people.

My first request to the Lord was to give me convicting evidence that these treatments will work or not. Within the first 30 hours I found that flexibility in my legs improved greatly. The lump on my heel is gone. That scar tissue was removed from my torn Achilles tendon of a year ago. With that convincing evidence, I continued treatment. My second request was, if the Lord would grant me His mercy and heel my eyes that that healing would be an avenue for others to seek the same.

My eyes are improving daily. I can read fine print now and read normal print for five hours straight without getting blurry; the fog is gone.

My therapy was done at Tahoma clinic near South center, Seattle.

SEN: Gig Harbor

August 25, 2007

In March /07 I had MME treatments on my shoulder which I had broken in 3 places Sept/06. After surgery I was still in considerable pain which just didn't let up and as I dislike the side effects of most medications I decided to try the magnetic treatments so in March /07 I had 134 hrs of MME. My pain went from an 8 to 10 scale down to an average 3 to 5. I highly recommend the MME treatments.

Sarah McFarlane

Dear Davonna,

Thanks for keeping in touch, I'm not good at judging and filling out surveys but did my best. (Enclosed). Prior to coming to see you for treatment on the Magnetic Molecular Energizer, I was and had for about a year or more suffered with back aches to severe hip pain daily. I tried pain pills without any success. Exercise, walking-ect. Nothing helped. Also my hands were swollen and hurt so bad when I tried to play organ/piano. I couldn't even open a jar - large or small. Since I have been home and also when I left your facility, I have no back pain, no hip pain and my hands have returned to normal with no swelling or joint discomfort. The tenderness between my shoulders is still there and I started the patch energizers today. I feel positive that they will have me back to normal soon. I'm so glad I found Advanced Magnetic Research Institute of Washington. "I forgot to tell you", I have uninterrupted sleep - feel rested when I get up but tire easily." I'm gaining on that". Give my regards to Todd and the girls.

Lorene Robertson (92 year-old female patient with Lumbar DJD & Scoliosis)

August 18, 2006


When I first arrived at the Tahoma Clinic, I couldn't walk more than 100 yards without having to stop and rest my back. After spending 132 hours on the MME for treatment of lower back pain, I am able to walk at least one mile (with a rest break for my legs, which are not use to such distances!) without pain, or a feeling of tiredness. I am also receiving 40 hours of treatment for my right knee (torn meniscus). I notice some knee improvement, although it is too early to quantify.

I am very happy with the MME, the very professional and friendly staff, and the relief from many years of pain. I highly recommend this to anyone who is considering this procedure, and would be willing to talk to anyone about my MME experience.

Robert M. Aiken (72 year old MME patient)


I am 69-year-old woman who had a very sore shoulder. M.R.I.s revealed a full thickness tear in the rotator cuff (7.6 m.m.), a Hill Sacks deformity, degenerative joint changes, and a displaced cartilage fragment in the joint.

I had 100 hours of M.M.E. treatment and the shoulder is 80 to 85% better. I can lift with it now and rotate it behind my back with only minimal discomfort. I had been told by my family physician that surgery was the only thing that would help. I chose M.M.E. first and never have had to have the surgery.


Hi –

I am a 73-year-old (young) man. I injured my back 35 years ago loading a 150 lb. quarter of beef that was slipping. I should have let it fall on the dirty floor. I had a back surgery and a lot of pain, continuing for years after the surgery. My wife was having M.M.E. treatments for a shoulder problem, so I decided to try it on my lower back (the sore spot). The first 30 hours it was very sore, after that it started feeling better. I kept it up for 100 hours and it is 90-95% better. I can stand straight again, and sit and not have a backache. We have been patients of Dr. Wright for years. I am a downhill skier and was on the mountain ten times this past winter.


Before I came to AMRI for treatment I had two herniated disks in my back. This caused numbness in my left foot. I was not able to run, could only walk for short periods, and had no muscle control in the foot (as if it were asleep all the time). After treatment I have feeling in my foot, I am able to stand on one foot, and can wiggle my toes.

B. Dolby

While I was at AMRI (with my husband who was having treatment) I had the opportunity to sit and/or lay near the machine. During this time my shoulder which I had fractured 15 years ago no longer ached – I was even able to lay on that side of my body. I also no longer needed my 2 asthma inhalers of which I took daily.

T. Dolby

Dear Devonna,

I've waited to write you as I wanted to be sure about the level of pain that I have and the level of flexibility.

I think I'm about 75% better in my lower back than before I started treatment. I still have "tweaks" and stiffness but most of the pain is gone and a lot of the pain going down my right leg is gone. As I'm typing this, my lower leg on the outside is burning a little, at one time it burned so bad I could ardly bear it.

There's not much improvement in my hip joint, but that is not what we concentrated on. I do think there's less pain in that area but I'm not sure if I only think that as I have so much less pain in my back.

I could possibly benefit from another 20 or 24 hours of MME treatment but will hold off until more time has passed. I want to thank you for being so helpful and encouraging. I think this therapy is going to be well accepted in the future and well it should be.


Dear Devonna,

You asked me to let you know how Dave is doing after he has been away from Renton awhile.

He is getting along quite well. He says he has noticed a little decrease in symptoms. One thing I really appreciate is that his voice is so much stronger than it was before treatments. He doesn't have to strain so much to make himself heard. That in itself was causing a lot of tension. – You may laugh at this one. He says to tell you he is growing "baby hair" at the top of his forehead where it had been bald! The hair is about an inch long now. It isn't thick, but it is a heap of a lot more than was there a few months ago.

One disappointment is that he still shakes at times. Some days hardly at all, especially lately, and other days when he is having some nervous strain, it is worse. However, if he stays at this level he can easily handle it.

Another plus I see is that he is not depressed like he was before treatment. He never said very much because he is not a complainer. It is just good to see him joking and laughing again.

We hope all is going well for you. Expect the clinic is buzzing. We are glad we were able to get there when we did before this dreadful disease had progressed more.

Hope you and the crew there will have pleasant Holidays.

D.D. (parkinson patient)

“Dear Dr. Wright,

I was diagnosed with Osteo-arthritis in my left hip about a year ago. Since then the pain has restricted me from my normal activity in working out, walking up stairs, gardening, sailing, and generally doing my daily routines. My doctors recommended physical therapy, which gave me marginal relief.

When I read about the miraculous results of MME, I couldn't wait to try it. I have now completed 112 hours of MME treatment and couldn't be happier with the results. I am back working out at the gym with no pain at all, and I have no pain in doing any of my other routines as well. I am amazed that the treatment has worked so well, and highly recommend it to anyone approved for this treatment.”

Helen Maxey

Dear Devonna & Dr. Alexander,

As you know, I used the MME machine last year to alleviate pain and rebuild cartilage in my left hip due to arthritis. The process was a big success improving my condition about 80+% after 112 hours.

This year I attempted to improve my condition using MME to build on the improvement made last year. The rebuilding process takes time and patience, but is well worth the effort. My symptoms are now about 98% improved.

Prior to starting the first treatment, I had extreme difficulty climbing stairs and getting in and out of my vehicle. I am now able to perform these tasks and any others with barely any arthritic symptoms. And best of all, the treatment has allowed me to avoid hip replacement surgery and continue my daily activities without experiencing the debilitating affects of arthritis.

Thanks for sharing your expertise and words of encouragement.

Helen Maxey

“Dear Dr. Wright,

In June 2003 my Femoral nerve was damaged during an angiogram, which left my right leg numb and with the sensation of weighing a ton. I could not lift myself up from a normal sitting position; I needed risers on chairs and toilets. I could only walk with a walker, also my knee kept buckling.

Oct. 2003 after my neurology test I was informed that the prognosis didn't look good, because the nerve should have regenerated more by now. So, 14 months later I'm still in the walker.

I started MME treatment on Aug. 9, 2004 and 150 hours later I'm walking without my walker and no more risers. My leg is much stronger and much of the heaviness is gone, the buckling knee has ceased and some feeling has returned.

By the grace of God and more hours I will be back to normal.!”

Alta Michlib

“Dear Dr. Wright,

Recently I finished treatment on the MME machine at AMRI-WA for my COPD.

I can now breathe deeply again and am not awakened by coughing in the night. I am able to walk rapidly again and have walked three quarters of a mile on our treadmill at a three mile per hour rate.

It is really wonderful!”

Marian Metzger

Update: Marian is continuing to improve even after being off of the MME treatments for 1 month. She went to Alaska for five days & used NO drops – NO inhaler. That is the longest period of time without these breathing aids for over a year. She has no infection in her lungs. As Marian states it, "I am just crowing!"

“I was very skeptical of the MME treatment and honestly did not expect it to work. I was in such pain and discomfort, and was unable even to lift my 1 year old daughter without a great deal of pain in my lower back.  The only solution offered by my doctor at this point was surgery. I had already been going to physiotherapy for about 6 months and my back was not getting any better. X-rays showed nothing, but finally an MRI revealed that I had several herniated discs and one of them, L5 having a large extrusion.

The doctor at the AMRI-WA center felt I also had some loose or stretched hip ligaments. I ended up doing 137 hours of MME treatment.   That was almost a year ago. It took about two or three months after the MME treatment before my pain was completely gone. After that I have had only one week when my back was sore. Even at that, my worst day was better than my best day before the treatment.

I have a very physical job as a carpenter that involves a lot of heavy lifting and have had no problems. Although I am a lot more careful, it is not in my nature to stand back and watch others do the hard work. During and after the treatment it was recommended that I do not drink caffeine or alcohol for 6 months although that only lasted 3 months, still just in moderation.

Before the MME I was in to much pain to do sit-ups to try and strengthen my core, but since I have been doing 30- 40 almost every morning to try and keep  my back strong, which I believe also contributed to the success of the treatment.   All in all if I ever damaged my back to that degree again I would not hesitate to have this treatment again, it was worth every cent to me.”
Jerry Richter

Dec 1, 2010

I completed MME of 100 hours on Nov 13, 2010. The focus was my eyes because of cataracts. Other issues of concern were hypertension, arthritis and heavy metals. The results are that all of the metals except lead are in the reference range. My vision is markedly improved. Both blood pressure and pulse are lower. The arthritis symptoms are less and I have greater flexibility. I am sleeping better and my energy is excellent.

Undoubtedly, I am delighted with MME. I hope that as I observe the various ills and stages of decay of humankind that this treatment will be increasingly promoted and utilized.

I want to thank Devonna Mauer DeFond for helping me throughout the 100 hours as well as providing excellent information.

Nelda Severin


I want to thank you and everyone at A.M.R.I. who helped me so much during my treatment sessions. It was a wonderful experience. And I really do believe it has helped me with my shoulder problems.

Thanks again, Mike

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