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Your MME Experience

MME is comfortable and roomy You will be lying on a special bed that moves into the focal point of the magnets. People who get nervous in small spaces (claustrophobics) should not experience any difficulty with the MME, since the patient lies on an open table between the electromagnets, instead of inside the electromagnet as in an MRI scanner.

Many who have been in pain will experience relief in a short period of time. Some may describe different feelings of "tingling" or "glowing" in a problem area, which is indicative of healing. Experiences will vary with individuals and the type of condition being cared for.

You are able to converse with others, listen to radio, CD, or read a book or magazine. In addition, MME therapy is conducive to napping, which helps pass the time. You are not confined and are free to take breaks, of course. However, it is advisable to take advantage of the procedure time that has been reserved for you.

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